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Why Organize?


In today's political and economic climate, now more than ever workers need to join together. A union can help create a more level playing field with your employer. Instead of one person telling management that wages should be fair, health and safety regulations should be followed and employees deserve good health care benefits, a union helps you speak together, in one voice. And that chorus of voices has more power than one lone voice. A union is the vehicle workers can use to help bring the chorus together.



CWA's Organizing Goal Is Not Simply To Win Elections


Winning elections assures the union and employees of their legal right to enter into negotiations with the employer. That's all. CWA's organizing goal is to build a strong organization to better enable employees to negotiate good contracts and increase their standard of living and quality of life.

With a union, workers can get together and create a positive vision for their workplace. If you think you and your co-workers might be interested in joining together to make some changes in your work lives, call us at CWA at (212) 925-1174 or e-mail us.





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