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Hi everyone,

Our first exec meeting was on Tuesday, March 31st 5:30 - 8pm at CWA Local 1180, 6 Harrison St 4th floor. We used a small conference room that has a capacity of 12. Our exec meetings are open to all members but until we can book larger space if you'd like to attend please contact me. This time around it was the the first 6 people who responded. We could have  used  42 Broadway but we were being interviewed by a reporter from The Chief so I felt it best to be off BOE premises.

Our agenda consisted of structuring committees (communication, finance, VMF, health and welfare, collective bargaining (which includes exploring alternatives to CWA). If there are any particular committees you feel we should add please let us know. Also on the agenda: union cards, gift cards, training for shop stewards and delegates, establishing a calendar for general meetings and holding a get together. If there is any issue you'd like us to add please let me know.

In terms of our raises and signing bonus. I made enough of a pest of myself with calls to OLR that Myra Bell of OLR contacted Joe Diesso of CWA and informed him that we will get our bonuses, retro and raises IN JUNE, I am as outraged as all of you are.  When I asked about the delay Joe said there is 3-5 other ratified contracts ahead of us "in cue."  I asked him which locals but he didn't know.  I intend to ask my council member to find out.  If other locals ratified after we did I will make a stink.  I am truly sorry that I could not deliver more positive news.  I encourage all of us to put pressure on our elected officials to move this up.  This is all the more reason we are establishing a Collective Bargaining Committee NOW.  Also, some temps who pay for a rider for prescription drugs had their rider eliminated.  This was an "error by the city."  The riders are being restored immediately.  If any member does not get restoration in the next week, please refer them to me.  It should be retroative.  (This part of the news was posted on your borough bultin board).


Our office had debriefing classes all week so I was unable to visit the boroughs but I hope to do so starting next week. I also was told that the Queens VMF never got copies of the contract to vote for or against ratification! I will be visiting Queens first to give these members an opportunity to vote even though it will not impact the outcome.

In solidarity,

Donna G. Ellaby



Donna Ellaby


Nicholas Zimmitti

Executive Vice President 

Parnell Sena

Second Vice President

Alexandria Abreu


Chris Jackson

Recording Secretary

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