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Committees for 2015

CWA Local 1183 – 2015 Committees

  1. Finance – Committee members will establish our projected annual income and expenses by reviewing our dues collection, fixed expenses and anticipated expenses and create a budget. The committee will work with our treasurer to prepare a quarterly report that will be available to our members and will field any questions the members may have. We need members with experience in finance, budgeting, knowledge of audits and auditing procedures.

Chair: Yamile Salman


  1. Communications – Committee members will oversee and update our new website, create a lists of members, assemble a newsletter that can be emailed and snail-mailed and review other social media possibilities that will enhance communication with our members. We need members with expertise in design, proofreading, social media tools and technology.

Chair: Mary Ann Lacqua


  1. Collective Bargaining – Committee members will compare our contract with those of other municipal workers, evaluate the pros and cons of our status as a CWA Local and prepare a blueprint of economic demands for contract negotiations in 2017. Willingness to obtain and review other labor contracts and evaluate our current contract.

Chair:  open


  1. Events – Committee members will reach out to members for input on activities that are attractive and cost-effective for the membership and then put together event packages with cost and dates.

Chair: open


  1. Health and Welfare – Committee members will evaluate our current benefits, develop an easy-to-read report that explains our benefits, explore opportunities for enhanced benefits, and make recommendations to the executive committee. Knowledge of our current benefits or willingness to develop this knowledge.

Chair: open


By laws – Committee members will review our current local’s by laws and make recommendations for amendments that reflect best practices and the 





Donna Ellaby


Nicholas Zimmitti

Executive Vice President 

Parnell Sena

Second Vice President

Alexandria Abreu


Chris Jackson

Recording Secretary

Sonia Ponce













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