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CWA 1183 Run Off election 2018/3/21
CWA Local 1183 Election Results 3.21.18 [...]
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Feburary 15, 2018 Election Results
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January 11, 2018 Meeting

Collective Bargaining Negotiations - CWA Local 11   83



Our current contract (2010 -2017) has expired (June 19, 2017). There are two parallel negotiations currently underway.

District Council 37 (DC 37), which represents 54 local municipal unions, is negotiating on behalf of its members. Whatever annual percentage increases they receive will be the same percentages offered to members of CWA Local 1183. This is known as pattern bargaining and has been the standard since the 1970s.

Challenges: The_ City of New York, anticipating a severe reduction in federal assistance, is demanding givebacks. The City's main focus is the health insurance benefits we and our retirees receive. New York State government employees now contribute to the cost of their monthly premiums.

The Municipal Labor Committee , with a membership of 97 local municipal unions including DC 37 and CWA Local 1183, is strongly opposed to health care givebacks.

There have been 2 contract negotiation meetings with BOE management. A third meeting is scheduled for February 2nd. These meetings are facilitated by the NYC Office of Labor Relations. Our demands are both economic and noneconomic:

We are seeking $18 an hour minimum, significant increases in our longevity raises (e.g. $263 at s years would become $1,500) and extension of longevity raise to 30 years as

                  well as paid family leave (PFL). We feel the annual VMT                    bonus should be included in the annual base salary.

Our noneconomic demands include permanent status for all temps after 1year and 1 day, inclusion in the 1973 Citywide Agreement that extends lateness to 9:06 and eliminates the grace period, distribution of merit money based exclusively on performance, expiration and removal date of 1year for all EARs, and an independent arbitrator for all hearings.

Challenges: There is a finite amount of money provided annually by NYC for the BOE budget. Whatever we achieve monetarily must be taken from other. xpenditures.  The commissioners refuse to relinquish their discretionary power on perm status, merit money and hearings. They have solid protections under NYS Election Law 3-300.



Donna G. Ellaby, January 11, 2018

  • $20,000 in life insurance for active members, $10,000 for retirees
  • Elimination of dental copays. Increased benefit to $6,ooo for a member and 3 dependents
  • Doubled the benefit for braces to $1,000
  • Stabilized retiree prescription drug benefits by contracting with Labor First
  • Increased ,prescription drug benefits to $4,000
  • Negotiated 120,permanent positions
  • Eliminated the 1525 hour delay in sick and annual accrual
  • ,$uccessfully challey.ged Comp time calculation with OPA                  !
  • Reintroduced the annual gift card
  • Increased the gift card by $s.oo each year
  • Eliminated bank fees
  • Invested in an insured CD to increase revenue
  • Reduced annual expenses
  • Negotiated 50+ stipulations for employees to avoid hearings
  • Educated members about FMLA protections



Challenges 2015 - 2018



  • Ongoing battles with OPA and OLR regarding dues deductions            ,..
  • Rising costs of prescription drugs that impacts all Health and Welfare Funds
  • NYC's elimination of prescription drug benefits for FLA protected members
The impending Janus case before the US Supreme Court which, if upheld, will lead to the destabilization of municipal labor unions th

The official results are in from the run-off election for President and Executive Vice President of our union.  Out of the 457 votes cast for President, Donna Ellaby received 58% to Richard Wagner 42%.  In the run off for Executive Vice President, Willie Cardona received 61% to Nick Zimmitti 39%.
Here's the breakdown by borough:
Candidate Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island General Office Total Votes
Donna 32 28 69 41 23 73 266
Richard 36 51 26 34 21 23 191
Willie 41 46 74 50 25 39 275
Nick 21 35 20 27 15 56 174
Borough Votes 130 160 189 152 84 191 906
The new officers were sworn in the week of March 23rd and held the first officer's meeting March 31, 2015.


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at our union.


Communications Workers of America AFL-CIO,CLC

501 Third Street, N.W. Washington,  D.C. 20001-2797

202/434-1110  Fax: 202/434-1139


                Christopher   M.Shelton President


June 3, 2016

Dona Ellaby, President

42 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10004


Dear President Ellaby,


I want to personally thank you for your Union's extraordinary expression of solidarity for the 40,000 members of CWA and IBEW that were on strike al Verizon. Your generous donation helped our most vulnerable , struggling families make the rent, meet a car payment, or feed their families as they fought for a contract. Your donation will be used to assist strikers who had expenses that could not be covered in any other way. Your support mant that our striking members would not be "starved" back to work and would be able to keep up the figh t. It made a huge difference. 


Our strike and striking members stayed strong and were committed to battling the outrageous demands of Verizon, the poster child for "Corporate Greed." This was a fight on behalf of every worker in this country,  because if a company       making $1.5 billion dollars a month in profit can  get away with what Verizon has been trying to do sending good American jo bs overseas and shifting them to low wage non-union contractors in the United States -then every other employer will follow suit.  Someone had to draw the line in the sand, and 40,000 members of CWA and IBEW said "enough is enough."


You and your Union stood up for the middle class. You stood up for working families nationwide. I know I speak for all CWA and IBEW striking families in commending your efforts and expressing our deep appreciation.


We will never forget your unselfish act of solidarity. Fighting the Fight Together!


In Unity,



Christopher M. Shelton









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Donna Ellaby


Nicholas Zimmitti

Executive Vice President 

Parnell Sena

Second Vice President

Alexandria Abreu


Chris Jackson

Recording Secretary

Sonia Ponce













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